Happy 2014!

Hello All and Happy 2014! I realize this a belated wish, but I spent the last 4 weeks on vacation in Australia with pretty much zero internet access (more accurately, I was avoiding any serious internet access) so I wasn't able to send my wishes until now. I'm going to be putting a little playlist together of the songs that helped soundtrack my time Down Under that will hopefully help get everyone excited for 2014 and for some warmer weather.

As some may have noticed, there are now some postings by my good friend KB who will hopefully be a regular contributor on RCS. KB has some damn good taste in music and has been a great source of music over the years, so look forward to anything he posts up here.

I'm extremely excited about 2014, the updates and refinements to RCS that I'm hoping to make, and most importantly to all the new music coming out and concerts to attend over the next 12 months. Get excited.


Belarbi - Paradise

Rubblebucket - "Came Out of a Lady"

Rubblebucket - "Came Out of a Lady"