Pharrell Williams - Gust of Wind (ft. Daft Punk)

When Pharrell said that he had a new album coming out, it was only reasonable to assume that we would have (at least) one Daft Punk-backed track. With the release of his sophomore album, G I R L, only a week away Pharrell has finally given us what we've waited to hear. Gust of Wind recruits Daft Punk to give the jam some funk, and that's exactly what happened. DP & Pharrell have once again (unsurprisingly) created a song that makes you want to groove, and groove you will.  G I R L is due out March 3rd. Pre-order your copy here. And if you have the good fortune to live in a country with iTunes Radio (i.e. The United States or Australia) you can stream the album for free.

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