Caribou - Silver

Tonight is the Caribou show, one of the concerts I have been most looking forward to. And given how both shows sold out pretty damn quickly I think it's safe to say that I'm not alone in Vancouver in my anticipation.  I've wanted to see Caribou for some time now, and after giving his latest album Our Love another listen earlier today, my excitement has not waned. Of all the songs on the new album, I think the one I am most looking forward/hoping to hear is Silver. Everything about this song gets my blood pumping and brain simmering. Despite the melancholic lyrics (or maybe because of them?) this song elicits such a strong positive emotional response, especially near the climax of the song when you are bombarded with a wall of swirling synths that take you to another place altogether. I'm hoping for a similar experience tonight.

Nodaway - Coming Attractions

G - K Queen (feat. Genevieve)